Hello, I’m Michelle Scaraglino! I entered the beauty industry in 2006 at the Aveda Institute of Chapel Hill, and I have worked as a hairdresser ever since. After working in commission-based salons for a few years, I ventured out on my own into a studio salon in 2013.After a few-year stint renting a chair in a space with a lovely group of people, I was ready to have my own space again. In 2022, I found my new home at Mordecai Office Park, where I have my own private studio.

I'm passionate about helping people feel beautiful and confident, while making sure their hair works for their day-to-day lives and is not a source of stress. To me, hair is an accessory and can be such a source of empowerment and confidence.

Check out my instagram to see some of my work!

Using cruelty-free and vegan color lines is very important to me. I'm so happy to have found a comprehensive color line that I love that meets these needs. I use Pulp Riot for all color services. This is a great, low-toxin color line - check out their SkinSafe ratings!

  • Amika is such a great line, and—while I am always keeping my eyes open for a new favorite—this is what I carry currently. They have a handful of products that contain lanolin or honey, and will happily direct you to the products that do not.
  • I also use a handful of Hairstory products — not an entirely vegan line, by any means — but they do make some amazing styling products.

If you use the links above to shop, I'll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can reach out to me with questions, and I'll respond as soon as possible. Thanks for looking!


All service prices have been adjuste to be all inclusive, and tipping will no longer be an option upon checkout.

  • Cropped Cut$70
  • Short-Medium Cut$86
  • Long Cut$97
  • Color/hour$110