COVID-19 Updates

I've implemented the following safety measures to protect our clients and our stylists. Since we are a booth rent salon, each stylist has different protocols. All stylists in the salon are fully vaccinated.

My Policies and Procedures

  • Upon arrival, please text your stylist to check-in and stay in your car until called to be let in. This will remain in place post-pandemic.
  • If you (or anyone in your household) are experiencing any symptoms (fever, chills, sore throat, aches, or any other symptoms else listed by the CDC), have been in contact with anyone sick, or are awaiting test results, then you will need to reschedule by email, phone, or use my contact form.
  • Masks are required in common areas of the salon for all guests. With the science changing frequently, my personal mask rules may change as well. I am still wearing a mask to perform services.
  • Disinfecting all of my tools and equipment between appointments, including the chair and any areas you might come into contact with
  • Utilizing a UV-C cabinet to sanitize my cutting implements
  • As always, you will be provided a clean cape, and sterilized combs and clips will be set out in a clean towel immediately before your appointment.
  • Letting clients in and out of the building so you do not have to touch doorknobs
  • Wearing a 2-3 layer mask with a filter
  • Practicing precaution outside of work


  • When you arrive, please wash or sanitize your hands.
  • PAYMENT: I have started using my Square chip reader for payment at the time of service — there is hand sanitizer available to use before and after signing my tablet, which is sanitized between uses.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you for your consideration!